Updated 16/05/18


Winner of the WEARVR Remastered competition 2018

My game Breath Tech was one of the 3 winners on the WEARVR Remastered competition.

My breath tech demo started life in the days of the Oculus DK2 and was released on Oculus Share and WEARVR. A very rough demo, it showed how a microphone could be used to project your breath into VR. Not only could you see your breath, but you could also use it to interact with objects.

The remastered version was greatly improved in every way and developed into a mini-game where you could see how the technology could be implemented in VR experiences to increase immersion and as a game mechanic.

Breath detection has numerous benefits. Read more in my article Why We Want To Breath In VR

Winner of VRTGO VR Competition 2015

An early prototype of my game Dimensional won the VRTGO VR competition in 2015. The win was instrumental in helping me to complete the game. Read more about it in my original blog post.

Dimensional also had a successful Kickstarter campaign and was highlight by Kickstarter as a "project we love".

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