Updated 06/05/21


Fly places other scavengers daren't go in your new 120Hz drone

Developer: Brett Jackson (Jumbli)

Demo Released: 12th May 2021

Full Release: Jan 2022

VR Devices: Oculus Quest, PCVR

With over 22,000 parts of debris in constant motion, the scrap vortexes are places that sane scavengers avoid. That changes today! Announcing the new 120Hz range of drones. These drones are the most responsive craft ever invented. Dodge debris as quickly as you can move your hand and fly at incredible speeds through the scrap with amazing manoeuvrability. Riches await you in the scrap vortexes.

Download the Tech Demo

Download from SideQuest for Quest version:
Or itch.io to PCVR version


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