Updated 29/09/20

Voxel Vibe

A musically-responsive puzzle platformer

Target platforms:
Oculus Quest and PCVR

Release date:
Q2 2021

Voxel Vibe is a cross between a puzzle-platformer and a music visualizer where thousands of voxels move in time to the music and respond to the proximity of the players head and hands.

Voxels are lively little critters. They love to dance by rotating, pulsating or jumping to the music. When 729 of them flock together they can form perfect cubes or squares, but they enjoy forming all kinds of shapes.

Greedy voxels have started to take more than their share of the vibe, creating an imbalance and leaving an increasing number of voxels dull and lifeless.

Take back the stolen vibe, return the balance to each level and see all the voxels return to their lively dance.


Move and act in time to the music to efficiently complete tasks.

Flocks of 729 voxels create cubes that you can both move and teleport between.

Use the cubes to trap and squash the greedy voxels to release their vibe.

Collect vibe with your hands and use it to heal damaged flocks by walking inside the character to find and energise their damaged voxels.

Healthy flocks will move, transform shape and animate into characters etc.

Collect music / sound samples and play them to encourage voxels to form shapes and movements that help you progress.

To complete a level you need to capture and redistribute the vibe which will result in the whole level dancing to the music.

Unique selling points

Unique style and gameplay

Many thousands of voxels are constantly animated around you - unique for mobile platforms

Create and share your own animated characters that can be included in the game

Characters respond to your head / hand position and to the music

Collect and use music / sound to manipulate the world and solve puzzles

Technical previews

The following video is an early test showing how voxels respond to music and to the players hands and head.

The following video shows how platforms can be moved around and teleported onto to progress through levels.

Create your own characters

The game will come with VV Creator included. This tool allows you to create your own animated characters that can be included in the game and shared with your friends by simply copying a single file.

Download VV Creator for the Oculus Quest or view sample animations on Twitter#MyVoxelVibe

Character test

VV Creator Trailer

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