Updated 08/11/23

Jigsaw 360

The new way to experience a traditional puzzle

Developer: Brett Jackson (Jumbli)

Release Date: 7th Dec 2018

Platform: Windows 64bit, Android

VR Devices: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift / Go / Quest, Windows Mixed Reality

Input: Tracked Controllers

Price: 1.99 USD

Available: Steam, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Flow

Relax while completing beautifully detailed spherical jigsaws. The new way to experience a traditional puzzle. Suitable for all ages with between 8 and 200 pieces. Choose from 15 scenes or add your own.

Add custom scenes - thousands freely available online

Only possible in VR. Find yourself stood inside the jigsaw. Use your tracked controllers to precisely place your pieces as you build the spherical puzzle. Rotate the jigsaw and scene to see it from different angles or (on PCVR or Quest) simply walk around the jigsaw.

Traditional flat jigsaws are also included.

What to expect

Be relaxed by the music

Calmed by the sounds of nature, rain or waves

Grab and manipulate pieces with ease

Feel the haptic feedback as you move and click pieces into place

Room-scale or forward facing play supported

Add photos

Custom scenes should be saved as an equirectangular .png file,
sized at 8192 x 4096 or 4096 x 2048 (recommended for mobile VR).

Oculus Go differences

The mobile VR version (Oculus Go) allows you to point where you want to place the jigsaw pieces rather than reach out with your hands.

Oculus Quest differences

The Oculus Quest version works the same way as the Rift version, making full use of hand and head tracking. The Quest version is only available via sideloading. See the itch.io store page for details.

Video (Rift / Quest / HTC Vive / Windows MR)

Video (Oculus Go)


Brett Jackson (Jumbli)

Includes photos by Bob Dass

Deep link to Oculus Go App

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